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Travertine Paving – Tumbled Edge Uncovered!

Travertine Paving

Travertine paving is stunning and is suitable for most outdoor projects.  For each travertine paver, it can either be a chiselled edge or atumbled edge. What is the difference? Will it enhance the look of your travertine paving?

As the name suggests, chiseled edge pavers have a sharper ‘chiseled’ look on its edges, whereas tumbled edge pavers have edges which are rounded.  A tumbling machine is used on travertine pavers to create a tumbled edge. The tumbling effect gives it a weathered and antique look, with edges that are softer and smoother. The way the edges are softened provides it with an original finish that can’t be equalled by any other tile.  Tumbled edge travertine pavers create a pleasant look which is able to soften your outdoor space. In addition to that, it possesses a variation and individuality which is gorgeous and natural.

In recent times, travertine paving has become more popular, surpassing asphalt, brick and concrete paving. Travertine pavers are versatile and being natural stone tiles, they come in a selection of shades which don’t easily fade. But not only that, every individual travertine paver is unique so it enhances the natural feel in your outdoor space.  If you seal your pavers with Enhancer sealer, which is oil based, or even when your pavers get wet, the actual colour of the travertine paver is intensified.

Tumbled edge pavers are available in various sizes some being, but not limited to, 600×600, 400×400, 600×400, 400x200mm. They are also available in various colours. You will find an amazing range of tumbled edge travertine pavers at Sydney Tiles.

So, why wait any longer? Travertine paving will transform your home.  Come into our Sydney Tiles showroom and see for yourself the way tumbled edge travertine pavers will add aesthetic value to your outdoor area. Or you can go online and purchase tumbled edge travertine pavers from our Sydney Tiles online tile store today.

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