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Choosing Tiles For Your Living Room


How important is your living room to you? Normally it’s the heart of a home.  It’s where you socialise with your visitors or the place where you relax with your loved ones at night.  As it’s such a popular spot, it’s natural that many factors come into play when choosing floor tiles for your living room.  Mentioned below are a few factors to consider.

Durability and Maintenance

As your living room gets high foot traffic and is exposed to falling objects and spills, durability is an important factor when choosing floor tiles.  A very durable tile material is porcelain.  They are harder than most natural stones and traditional ceramic tiles.  Their hard body ensures that either polished or glazed surfaces will maintain their original look for a very long time.  Also as most porcelain tiles are either pre-sealed or glazed, the surface porosity is kept to a minimum therefore they are protected against staining.  This really means that they are virtually maintenance free.

TFO has a huge range of porcelain tiles you can choose from.  Some of the most popular porcelain tiles are timber look porcelain tiles, Italian natural stone look porcelain tiles and lappato finish porcelain tiles.


As your living room is where you and your loved ones generally spend the most time you no doubt want to achieve an area that is inviting and comfortable.  So to make sure that it’s a comfortable space for all, you want to choose the right colours.  As the colours of an environment can affect the human subconscious, you no doubt want your living room to centre on gentle and mild colours and avoid extreme colours.  So when choosing colours for living rooms, generally beige, grey, brown and amber hue colours are the most preferred options.

To achieve a unified and seamless space, it’s important that the characteristics of the floor tiles are consistent with the characteristics of the furnishings.

Use Natural Stone Tiles in Your Living Room

Manmade tiles cannot match natural stone tiles when it comes to a warmth of nature and an authentic beauty.  Natural stone tiles like travertine, marble and limestone can really turn your living room into a stunning luxurious space.

It’s true natural stone tiles are more fragile compared to porcelain tiles, however exposure to the elements and the wearing of the stones can be kept to a minimum by sealing them with an impregnating sealant.

At TFO, we have a huge range of travertine from Turkey and marble from Italy and Spain – all at the lowest prices in Sydney.  Our helpful and friendly staff can also give you advice on the best type of sealers to use in order to maintain the original look of the natural stones.

Looking to buy floor tiles for your living room? Come visit our showroom today or visit our online tile store.  Don’t miss out on great savings and quality products!

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