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Outdoor Tiles – A Variety Of Choice For You

Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor Tiles – A Variety Of Choice For You

The best selections are products that are resilient, weather resistant and are low maintenance when you are remodeling your outdoor space. There are outdoor tiles to suit just about any needs on the market, whether you are creating a patio or re-inventing a backyard space.

What are the different ranges of outdoor tiles? Great question! Here are some of the ranges below.

Ceramic Tiles

For obvious safety reasons, outdoor tiles have to be slip resistant. Ceramic outdoor tiles are made with a sandy or gritty finish that delivers exceptional grip. It’s more challenging to clean because it includes a rougher texture. Ceramic tiles with Anti-slip finish come in many sizes, patterns, textures and colors. It’s your duty to make the choices.

Porcelain Tiles

Flooring tiles made from porcelain are more dense than ceramic tiles, which makes them ideal for high traffic areas. The latest full body porcelain stoneware from Italy is included in the large range of R10 and R11 anti-slip porcelains. Our newest arrivals come in an internal and external finish enabling you to extend the indoors towards the outdoors.

Natural Stones and Pavers

The range of natural stones includes perfected and filled travertine tiles in varies sizes with colours which range from light, medium, classic to noce. The pavers come in unfilled, chiseled and tumbled and are generally obtainable in the very popular French pattern with bull nosing choices that are a perfect choice for use around swimming pools. The natural attractiveness of travertine is classical and timeless. Please be aware that most organic products have to be sealed.

Stackstone & Cladding

Stackstone and cladding products are great outdoor tiles and comes in various colors including natural mixed stones, cream, crystal white, greys, anthracite and black. The range is always evolving with the most recent products being presented as the market demands.

Marble & Glass Mosaics

For feature walls, there is a great deal of colors, styles and formats. Glass mosaics for pools are also included.

To help you in your selection, set up and maintenance, why not check your local tile store or better still your local tile factory outlet? You will be surprised of what you will learn.

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