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Ceramic Tiles – Types Of Glazed Tile

Ceramic TilesGlazed Ceramic Tiles 101

There are lots of groups of ceramic tiles and Glazed Ceramic tile is one of them. Carefully consider what that area will be used for when picking ceramic tiles with a section of the home. And then to select an appropriate tile with appropriate surface abrasion resistance, compare it using the rating system.

Ceramic Tiles – Types Of Glazed Tile

Depending on the source, ceramic tiles can have a rating of 0-4 or 1-5. The durability of the tile and its scratch resistance is exactly what is being suggested for that rating. The 1-5 rating system should be considered. In class 1 are tiles that will see no action, this means they’re in a no-traffic area. Where would that be? That will mean using this tile on walls only except if spider-man lives in your house. To brighten your bathroom walls, you could utilize them. Class 2 tiles would be where there is light traffic, for instance a bathroom floor, or anywhere where bare feet or slippers would cut down on the abrasion to the ceramic tile surface. The aesthetic appeal of these tiles may be the priority though soiling of the tiles is predicted. Within this class you will find shiny, vibrant colored ceramic tiles. Then how about of class 3? Most residential rooms are utilizing these types. A showroom , a shopping center, or perhaps an business building where there will be light commercial traffic are places that utilize the class 4 tiles. Class 5 has got the toughest surface of all of them, where resistance to abrasion will be the prime concern and aesthetic appeal is secondary. These ceramic tiles receive the most abuse, used in airports, subways, fast food restaurants and the like.

How you can Tell If a Tile is Glazed or Unglazed

You don’t need to be a professional to tell apart between a glazed and unglazed tile. Simply pick up the tile and turn it to the side so that you can see it in profile. The biggest layer is the body of the tile referred to as bisque. If you notice two layers, the tile is glazed. If only one layer is visible, then probably the tile is unglazed.

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