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Floor Tiles – Floor Tiles and the Colours Around

Floor tilesIf you’re going to tile your home, did you know that it’s not just your floor tiles that can give your home that something bit extra? While tiling your home often covers the floor, much more can be achieved through floor tiling.

Everything intertwines with each other in your home and it’s essential that your floor tiles help to complement or even highlight things that you feel are worth standing out. Choices you have will be many. To help you see what might work for you, take a look at these colour choices and which ones might be for you.

Before you even consider what colours to use, the question you need to ask yourself is, do I love hosting gatherings or do I love my alone time? The reason is that colours create a certain atmosphere and will affect the mood of those within the room.

So how do you figure out what will work for you? Enter the yellow, red, blue foundation. These three colours form the base for what colours you are trying to achieve. So how does it work?

Social colours

Love to host gatherings? Any colours mixed between yellow and red along with yellow and red themselves are social colours and can help to make your gatherings a success. This is because they get to our emotions and get us going. You will often find colours within this scale at restaurants and bars and so forth.

Quiet colours

Of course, we all need our down time and some need more than others. This is where blue mixes can really help create that peaceful atmosphere you need. With blue mixes, you can also get grey or brown and these can really help to get you the peace you need.
With all this in mind, you will make a better choice when it comes to your floor tiles. Of course, we’re more than happy to give you more information so why not post a comment on ? Hear from you soon!

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