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Ceramic Tiles : Simple Bathroom Ideas

When renovating your bathroom, you may face tough decisions on selecting the right ceramic tiles to use. Not only do you need to decide on the color and design of the tiles, but you also need to think about how much of your bathroom you are going to cover with ceramic tiles. You will find that… Read More

Porcelain Tiles : Loved By Australians

Australia normally had a romance with superior quality tile and stone pavers, although the Australian market continues to be influenced by the Italians who had been setting trends in ideas and colors that are new as well as applications which are revolutionary. So you have to get familiar with Australia’s romance with porcelain tiles that… Read More

Travertine – Great For The Australian Climate

In Australia, the climate is temperate. Contrary to countries in the northern hemisphere, we don't experience snow and ice, harsh winds and biting frosts. We experience wonderfully warm weather virtually all year-round in Australia. It also means that in terms of home decoration we could choose from a variety of floor coverings like sandstone pavers… Read More

Tile Auctions : Save Costs On Renovations

Chances are pretty good you are looking for ways to spend less on your home remodelling project whether you recently obtained a fixer upper or are upgrading your house following a decade of living there. There’s no doubt about it, home improvements can be hard on the bank account, and if you opted to make… Read More

Tile Auction : A Great Saver

Are you one who wants to get the most out of your hard earned money? Are you one who wants the best deals? Then tile auction is a place that you should strongly consider visiting. Why go to a tile auction? That is a question that you may be asking. Simply put, it is the… Read More

Home Decor – Tips To Great Decor

  Are you are a do-it-yourself fanatic? Where would you tell a beginner to start if he wanted to alter your home decor to give it a fresh look? Chances are you would be telling him to start with the floor. It’s amazing the amount of people who are haunted a few years later because… Read More

Porcelain Tiles – What To Consider

Are there any points that might make one hesitate to use porcelain tiles with their low water absorption rate, full body colours and patterns, and superior break-strength? There aren't many things to consider. Are porcelain tiles the tiles you will need for any wall or other vertical surface? Whereas wall tiles have a higher water… Read More

Porcelain Tiles – The Lasting Beauty Of It

Inside the minds of many, the term “porcelain” may seem to be inseparably associated with the word “doll”. Minerals used to create a tough, white, impermeable substance is what composes porcelains according to scientists. Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, are thought such due to their water absorption rate (0.5% or less) rather than due… Read More

Ceramic Tiles – Types Of Glazed Tile

There are lots of groups of ceramic tiles and Glazed Ceramic tile is one of them. Carefully consider what that area will be used for when picking ceramic tiles with a section of the home. And then to select an appropriate tile with appropriate surface abrasion resistance, compare it using the rating system. Depending on… Read More

Glazed Ceramic Tile – What Is It?

It wasn't easy to achieve the polished finish on a glazed ceramic tile. To glaze tiles, there are several devices utilized. Before ultimately sending the tiles off to the kiln for firing, some makers have approximately 15 applications of glaze material. To give it an even more “natural” look rather than a regular flat-colored glaze… Read More

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