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Choosing Tiles For Your Living Room

How important is your living room to you? Normally it’s the heart of a home.  It’s where you socialise with your visitors or the place where you relax with your loved ones at night.  As it’s such a popular spot, it’s natural that many factors come into play when choosing floor tiles for your living… Read More


Grouting Tiles

What is grout? It is the smooth, cement like mixture that fills the joints between tiles. Grouting is an easier task than tiling, but it’s so important that it be done correctly as it protects the joints from having moisture and dirt get in. Also, a neat grouting job hugely affects the overall look of… Read More

Grouting Tiles

A DIY Guide to Laying Pavers

A very Aussie thing to do is relax in your backyard and have a good time with family and friends. To enhance your outdoor area, you should consider laying pavers. Pavers make your outdoor area easier to maintain and also transform it into a luxurious space, a place you love being. Options for Pavers In… Read More

Laying Pavers

Bathroom Renovation Ideas for a Small Bathroom

The size of bathrooms is getting bigger over these past few years. Most modern homes have bathrooms that compare with the size of other rooms. Having lots of space in the bathroom can enrich your personal time there. However, many of us live in older homes that have relatively small bathrooms. Generally, for most of… Read More

bathroom renovation idea

Travertine Stone – Unfilled Travertine – A Hole Difference

Travertine is one type of sedimentary stone and is considered to be part of the limestone family.  Travertine stone is composed by the precipitated calcium carbonates present in mineral springs. It generally develops in the natural process that is commonly located in hot springs. Additionally, it can be also seen in caves where it builds… Read More

Travertine Paving – Tumbled Edge Uncovered!

Travertine paving is stunning and is suitable for most outdoor projects.  For each travertine paver, it can either be a chiselled edge or atumbled edge. What is the difference? Will it enhance the look of your travertine paving? As the name suggests, chiseled edge pavers have a sharper ‘chiseled’ look on its edges, whereas tumbled edge pavers… Read More

Bathroom Renovations Sydney – Use Inspirational Italian Tiles and Transform Your Bathroom

You've bought yourself an investment property in the heart of Sydney. Now it’s time to make this baby shine, and flip a nice profit while doing so. Most people know that a bathroom renovation can be one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. But a bathroom renovation in Sydney really doesn’t have to be… Read More

European Tiles – Transform Your Home With the Latest Italian Porcelain Tiles at TFO

Premium quality European tiles, it just sounds like you have to have them doesn't it. Well I’m here to let you in on a little secret, you can have them, and for less than you think and I know exactly where to find them. Tile Factory Outlet Sydney tiles is the only place to get… Read More

Cheap Tiles – TFO — Still the Best Place to Find the Cheapest Tiles in Sydney

At TFO, we believe that the pleasure of home renovation should not be mingled with the pain of an overstretched budget. At the same time, we do not believe that “low prices” or “cheap tiles” is synonymous with “cheap or low quality”. TFO’s mission is to provide you with the quality tiles you want at… Read More

Floor Tiles – Floor Tiles and the Colours Around

If you're going to tile your home, did you know that it's not just your floor tiles that can give your home that something bit extra? While tiling your home often covers the floor, much more can be achieved through floor tiling. Everything intertwines with each other in your home and it's essential that your… Read More

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