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Bathroom Renovation Ideas for a Small Bathroom

bathroom renovation idea

The size of bathrooms is getting bigger over these past few years. Most modern homes have bathrooms that compare with the size of other rooms. Having lots of space in the bathroom can enrich your personal time there. However, many of us live in older homes that have relatively small bathrooms. Generally, for most of us, knocking down walls and making them physically bigger is out of the question. If that is the case in your home, what can you do to make your bathroom “look” bigger than what it really is?


A major factor that affects the look of any bathroom is lighting. The brighter a bathroom is, the bigger it will look. So if you have a small bathroom, it’s best to avoid dark colours that absorb light. Better to choose light coloured bathroom tiles, paint and fabric. If there is a shower screen blocking sunlight, choose a screen that is translucent so that it won’t interfere with light filling the room. It’s also best to avoid cluttering windowsills. When choosing bathroom tiles, choose tiles that will enhance the light in the bathroom, like polished porcelain tiles. Polished porcelain reflects light against itself, creating a brighter room. Instead of small mirrors, add larger ones so as to help to contribute in optically expanding the space.

You can also be creative with lighting. By placing a light stand in the corner of the room and highlighting the shower area or the sink area with a task light can also add to the feeling of spaciousness.

Surface Pattern

As our eyes follow patterns on surfaces, like grout joints, it’s best to lay tiles in line with the length of the room so as to emphasize the depth of it. When you lay rectangle bathroom wall tiles vertically, it optically stretches the height of the room. In the alternative, when you lay them horizontally, it adds further depth to the room. When you are choosing your bathroom tiles, consider larger and longer tiles instead of smaller ones. The less visible grout joints there are, the more cleaner and seamless the bathroom will look.

These few renovation ideas don’t change the actual size of your bathroom, but following them can help you get the most from your small bathroom.

If you are after any other ideas for your tiling project, visit us at TFO. We are eager to assist you and you are sure to save plenty with our incredibly low prices.

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